Published positions

Here you can access published short positions

Published short positions are available in the Danish FSA’s database of company announcements. It includes all announcements of short positions in Danish shares published since 1 November 2012 under the provisions of the Short Selling Regulation.

Choose 'Shortselling' as announcement type if you want to see only announcements relating to short positions.

According to the provisions, a short position must be published when it exceeds 0.5 % of the issued share capital, and changes must subsequently be notified for each 0.1 %.

When a published net short position is notified as reduced below 0.5%, the announcement must include the number of shares which the position comprises at the time of flagging down. Furthermore, the announcement will be marked historic after 24 hours.

An announcement of a short position will moreover be marked historic when a position holder has notified a subsequent announcement in the same share.

When searching for short selling announcements it is possible to leave out the historic announcements so that you only see the current (ie active) positions.


Below you find a link to an excel file with all short positions for the period 1 November 2012 – 30 September 2017