Warnings from other supervisory authorities

List of warnings issued by financial supervisory authorities in EU/EEA-countries. You can also find a link to the database of alerts from IOSCO.

The Danish FSA has no specific knowledge to activities in Denmark for the companies mentioned in the warnings.

Find alerts from supervisory authorities outside EU/EAA-countries via the database from The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

See list of warnings from previous years  the menu to the left.

The list contains information about date of warning, name of the company with a warning and the country of the supervisory authority.  

 Warnings from supervisiory authorities in EU/EAA-countries in 2017




08.03.2017  Loans 2 Go (clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
07.03.2017  Direkt Finanz AG (website: www.direktfinanz.net) Luxembourg
07.03.2017  GOLDMAN REEVES LTD United Kingdom
07.03.2017   Loan and Go United Kingdom
06.03.2017  TITAN TRADE  http://titantrade.com  www.titansbinary.com Spain
06.03.2017  GRIZZLY LIMITED  www.mxtrade.com  www.tradingbanks.com Spain
06.03.2017  BFOREX LTD   www.bforex.com  http://es.bforex.com/ Spain 
06.03.2017   FX-BOUTIQUE   http://fx-boutique.com/sp Spain
03.03.2017   Tide U Over (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
03.03.2017  Mr Instant Cash (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
03.03.2017 Gem Loans / Jem Loans (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
03.03.2017  Boston Private Law Group LLP (USA) Ireland
27.02.2017 McKinley Thomas & Associates (USA) Ireland
27.02.2017 VORTEX ASSETS   https://www.vortexassets.com/ Spain
22.02.2017 Graumann & Partner S.A. (website: www.graumannundpartner.com) Luxembourg
20.02.2017 ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, S.A.  http://atlanticgam.es/ Spain
20.02.2017 D. Antonio Abellán Garrido Spain
20.02.2017  http://enkaizen.news/info/ Spain
17.02.2017 FX Jupiter United Kingdom
17.02.2017 Kawano and Associates (Japan) Ireland
13.02.2017 Jazz Loans United Kingdom
13.02.2017 Wainscott Consulting Group United Kingdom
13.02.2017 Boston Private Law Group LLP United Kingdom
10.02.2017 Asashi Mergers & Acquisitions (Japan) Ireland
09.02.2017  Donaldson Findlay United Kingdom 
07.02.2017 Broad Reach Investments (Clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
07.02.2017 Hansa Equity SpA Italien
07.02.2017 Markets Capital Ltd Italien
06.02.2017 Blacksmith Investments Limited United Kingdom
06.02.2017 Keystone Management Ltd / Keystone Capital United Kingdom
06.02.2017 OPV ADVISOR LTD  http://www.opv-advisor.com Spain
02.02.2017 Ambrosia Capital United Kingdom
02.02.2017  The Finance Solutions United Kingdom
01.02.2017 Hansford / Hanford and Associates United Kingdom
27.01.2017 JJ Matthias Asset Management (Clone of EEA authorised firm) United Kingdom
27.01.2017 Drakefield Corporate Partners and Colbert & Welling LLP Ireland
27.01.2017 Hayashi and Partners / Hayashi International Equity Securities United Kingdom
24.01.2017 Business Grants and Loans United Kingdom
24.01.2017  UK Money Lenders (Clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
23.01.2017 Ebel & Partner Luxembourg S.A. Luxembourg
20.01.2017 Ono Ventures United Kingdom

Right Capital Partners Limited

United Kingdom
18.01.2017 Go 4 UK Loans (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
17.01.2017  Loaningo (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom 
17.01.2017 Wallace Associates Inc Norway
17.01.2017 William Paulstern Norway
16.01.2017 IB INVERSIONES IB INVERSION BURSATIL http://ibinversiones.com Spain
16.01.2017 AAOPTION http://www.aaoption.com/es Spain
16.01.2017 Diamond Loans (clone of an authorised firm) United Kingdom
12.01.2017 Pageon Bank S.A. Luxembourg
12.01.2017 Rhine & Associates / Rhine Associates United Kingdom
11.01.2017 Colbert & Welling United Kingdom
11.01.2017 Liffe Exchange (clone of FCA authorised firm) United Kingdom
10.01.2017  Savage Finance Limited United Kingdom 
09.01.2017 Little Loans Limited United Kingdom
04.01.2017 Stockfield Associates Group United Kingdom